The Institute of the Lithuanian Language is a governmental scientific institute.


  • development of new fundamental and applied knowledge on the Lithuanian language and Lithuanian writings;
  • accumulation, systematisation and dissemination of the intangible linguistic heritage;
  • tackling of the issues relevant to the development and functioning of the language in the state and society;
  • support for the Lithuanian Studies around the world.


Lietuva 2030, a strategy for progress in Lithuania, foresees the development of ideas that promote the creativity of society and each of its members, allowing Lithuania to be a modern and a vibrant country that is open to the world and cherishes its national identity. Lithuania’s national identity is inseperable from the language. Therefore, preserving and strengthening the Lithuanian language is a strategic task of the Lithuanian state. Efficiency of the fundamental and applied language research, its international and interdisciplinary character, and its social and cultural development allows for stronger fostering of the heritage of the Lithuanian language, enriching of its resources, enhancement of the prestige of the language and its value, education of the younger generation, and dissemination worldwide. The Lithuanian language ought to be developed to its fullest potential, its modern progress and long-term functioning should be ensured, its scope of usage and influence in a multilingual and multicultural environment as well as international humanitarian studies ought to be expanded, and its extensive applicability in the fields of culture, science and business should be guaranteed. The Institute of the Lithuanian Language expands on the knowledge about the Lithuanian language, which forms the foundation for effective social and cultural development, linguistic innovation and creativity, while also educating linguists – the potential of the future of Lithuanian science – through graduate studies.