The Institute of the Lithuanian Language is a governmental scientific institute.

MISSION: to develop new fundamental and applied knowledge of the Lithuanian language and writings, compile, structure, digitalise and disseminate intangible linguistic heritage, address issues of the development and functioning of the language that are relevant to the state and the public, support Lithuanian studies around the world, develop digital resources.

VISION: Lietuva 2030, a strategy for progress in Lithuania, envisages a number of ideas to promote the creativity of the society and its members, development to help Lithuania become a modern, dynamic state is open to the world and keen on fostering its national identity. Lithuania’s identity is inseparable from its language. The preservation and strengthening of Lithuanian is a strategic priority for Lithuania. The needs of fostering Lithuanian, enriching its resources, disseminating the prestige and value of the language in educating the young generation largely depend on the fundamental and applied linguistic research done by the Institute of the Lithuanian Language, its international and interdisciplinary nature, as well as the effectiveness of social and cultural development. Lithuanian must develop fully, ensuring its modern evolution and long-term function, increasing the sphere of its usage and influence in a multilingual and multicultural environment and amidst liberal studies, guaranteeing a level of usefulness of its usage in the field of culture, science, business. The Institute of the Lithuanian Language creates new knowledge of Lithuanian that is used in shaping an environment for an effective social and cultural development, linguistic innovation and creativity, providing tertiary education to linguists – the potential of the future of science in Lithuania.