dr. Darius Ivoška


Darius Ivoška defended his doctoral thesis „Baltische Eigennamen in den Dokumenten des Deutschen Ordens“ („Baltiški tikriniai vardai Vokiečių Ordino dokumentuose“ // “Baltic Proper Names in the German Order Documents”) in 2018 and has published articles examining Lithuanian historical personal names and the problems of Baltic place names west of the Vistula.

Dr. Ivoška has participated in a number of international conferences both in Lithuania and abroad, where he has read reports on new testimonies of Baltic proper names in historical documents, the role and problems of their research, and Baltic proper names in a multicultural area.

In 2014, Darius Ivoška conducted his empirical research in the Secret State Archives of Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin, Germany. He is currently continuing the research of the 14th-15th century manuscript documents of the German Order Chancellery.

Research interests: historical documents, Medieval manuscripts, Baltic-Slavic-German language contacts and their impact on Baltic proper names.

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  1. Ivoška D. 2015: Litauische Personennamen in den Ordensdokumenten (Lietuvių asmenvardžiai Vokiečių ordino raštuose). Acta Linguistica Lithuanica 73, 38–54. ISSN 1648-4444.

  2. Ivoška D. 2016: Bemerkungen zur Problematik der baltischen Ortsnamen westlich der Weichsel (Keletas pastebėjimų dėl baltiškų vietovardžių į vakarus nuo Vyslos problematikos). Acta Linguistica Lithuanica 74, 208–225. ISSN 1648-4446.

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